Starting in 1986 with a few dozen workers, SIECO is now operating more than 10 jointly operated factories after 24 years in business. From a processing plant exclusively engaged in the manufacturing of Brown Jersey Glove, we have developed into a manufacturer that supplies to the world a variety of Safety products, Tool Bags and Baseball Caps. Today, as we celebrate the global outreach of our products, we are proud to say that our path of growth bears witness to solid work, business integrity and a desire to achieve mutual benefits with our partners and customers.

The competitiveness of our products is underpinned by management efficiency that grows with experience and economies of scale generated through capacity expansion.

Mutual benefits and long-term partnerships remain the key features of our business philosophy. We are totally committed to the well-being of customers, seeking not just to supply them with competitive products, but also to add value and win market shares for them. If you ever work with us, you will certainly agree that we are a trustworthy and reliable supplier that does more than merely providing safe products.


Give us a chance to prove our worth and you will give yourself a chance, too, for new horizons in growth and development.



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